We are proud to announce that our innovative LED Mini Track-Light has been listed as a finalist in the "Lighting Product of the Year" at the Electrical Times 2017 Electrical Industry Awards.

The LED Mini Track-Light is a 24V safety low-voltage track lighting system, specifically designed for retail display cabinets that allow for easy and safe adjustment of the lighting design to showcase retail products in their "best possible light".

The system features a touch-safe magnetic track and separate lighting heads and are finished in black, silver or white. The lighting heads utilise our RA Plus technology and give an impressive CRi>95 for excellent colour reproduction and clarity. They are available as fixed-angle or with 40° rotation heads.

When a retail display needs to be changed, the magnetic system allows for the lights to be altered, removed, re-angled and repositioned to suit. At only 2W per light and with a long 30,000 hour life – they are a brilliant and convenient solution for jewellers, fashion shops, electronical, museums or any other retailer that needs to show off their high value products.

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Phoebe LED recommends that the LED Mini-Track system is used in conjunction with our new LED Rotatorspot display light to greatly emphasise the sparkle and appearance of precious metal, diamond or other refractive products.